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The Best Programs for Video Editing

Best Programs For Video Editing

Anyone who is a videography fan is excited about the different programs that are out there for video editing. I have enjoyed taking and editing videos all on my iPhone. I have also purchased DSLR and I am using programs to edit the video taken on my Canon. At the end of the day, there is no wrong choice.  There are many different reasons to like each of the different programs.

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Just like there are different apps for editing photos, there is also a variety for editing videos. Whether someone just takes videos for their travels or they are someone who makes money doing videography for birthday parties or weddings, as a creator it’s important to know the different choices that are out there. 

As you know, there are a lot of tech products out there to choose from, but here’s what we recommend.


Top Video Editing Programs

video editing
Video editing on a laptop



This is a program by Adobe, and It is available under their Creative Cloud Suite. It is used by professionals and amateurs alike. It is very technical, but it gives the user a great deal of freedom as to what they want to change or alter in the video. Those that are wanting to get into some sort of professional videography would do themselves a favor in learning Premiere as soon as possible.


There are negatives that come along with using Premiere. Like Photoshop, though it gives the user a ton of freedom, but they have to figure out what all of the buttons do first. Many processes in Premiere take multiple clicks. It isn’t exactly user-friendly.


Final Cut Pro

Though this one doesn’t work on a PCs, it’s great for Mac users. Final Cut Pro helps those who are wanting to learn how to edit video but aren’t ready for all the technicalities of Premiere. This one sorts the video into “storylines,” which turns out to be a bit simpler than the methods used by Premiere.


This one is great for those who are using Macs anyway and are very familiar with iOS programs like iMovie and iTunes.




This is the app that I learned to edit videos on. It’s for the iPhone, but it makes the entire process so simple and easy. It’s perfect for those that are wanting to record and edit videos all from their phone. Whether one is traveling or wants to record and edit footage from a friend’s party, this is a great way to do it if you’re shooting from an iPhone. Oh, and it’s free.




For those that don’t want all of the complications of Premiere and Final Cut but need more than what Spark offers, iMovie is another good choice. It’s the most Apple-friendly program out there. Most videographers have used it at one point or another. It’s not the one you stick with your entire videography career, but it’s a great place to start. Best of all, like Spark, it’s free.


Any of these video-editing apps make a great choice for those that are wanting to start getting into videography. Whether one is wanting to make a career out of it or just enjoys doing it for fun, any would work!  


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