Drinking Coca-Cola Badly Affects Your Body

Admit it or not, Coca-Cola has been one of your favorite cravings daily. A meal will not be complete without drinking Coca-Cola or any soda. It’s sweet and bubbly taste just makes you want to drink more and you’re probably consuming three to four bottles of coke a day, or even more. But did you know that drinking Coca-Cola badly affects your body?

The consumption of a large amount of soda has been proven to cause many health problems to people including dental erosion, weight gain and has adverse effects on the brain due to its chemical content. Here are some reasons why you should not pick up that Coca-Cola again.

One Can Equal 10 Sugar Cubes

The daily recommended intake of sugar for men is 9 tsp (38 g) and 6 tsp (25 g) for women, to keep insulin level normal. But a can of Coca-Cola is equivalent to 10 sugar cubes, multiply that for at least three can a day…just do the math! It’s really shocking! Too much Coca-cola means risking yourself to have diabetes, one of the most dreaded health problems of our time.

Weight Gain

Various tests and studies have proven that Coca-Cola can lead to mass weight gain if consumed on a regular basis. And that’s not it, studies also show that people who have regularly consumed a large amount of Coca-Cola on a daily basis will develop a craving for Cokes or other sugars which could either lead to other health problems such as high blood pressure.

Vitamin Deficiency

To satisfy our desire for sugar, we have been drinking more Coke and other sugary products. The likelihood is that we are drinking fewer drinks rich in vitamin, calcium, and protein and instead prefer to gorge ourselves on Coke and other sodas.

Our body will now suffer from vitamin deficiency which can cause health problems.

Coca-Cola Contains Too Much Acid

Consider this: the pH level of water is 7, while the level of battery acid is 1. As for Coca-Cola, it’s 2. Yes, this popular drink is full of acid which is why it makes an excellent cleaning product. You can polish old metal coins for example.

It really is not for human consumption, especially when you consider that a tooth left in a can of Coke overnight will most likely dissolve. Think about the dangers Coke will have on your body. Think!

Consuming Coke is Like Injecting Heroin to the Body

Shocking but true! But drinking loads of Coke doesn’t mean you’ll be addicted to heroin. Though their similarities come from a similar reaction that is sent to the brain when consuming them.

When Coke enters your system, your dopamine levels increase which for those of you who don’t know, is a neurotransmitter that releases signals to nerves in the brain, which then activate the pleasure senses in the brain associated with a reward-based behavior; hence why so many people consume the stuff at work.


Everything in the world seems to cause cancer, but in Coca-Cola’s case, its cancer-inducing properties were proven beyond doubt after a study involving mice in 2007 found that 4-methylimidazole, a potentially carcinogenic chemical used in most dark sodas, caused cancer in mice.

In light of this study, the artificial caramel coloring used in drinks such as Coke was declared a potential cancer-inducer in 2011 following tests involving 81 cans on different samples.

Caffeine Overload

Coke roughly contains the equivalent amount of caffeine found in a cup of coffee. If you’re getting through a two-liter bottle of Coke each day, the side-effects can be pretty bad.

Why? Because caffeine, which is highly addictive, is linked with depression and anxiety, and if you are not consuming it as much as your body would like, your mental health could suffer.

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