Snitch Me was created by Keira Amelia.

Welcome to Snitch Me

I am so happy you are here, whoever you are. Welcome to Snitch Me. I am Keira Amelia, and you are very welcome to call me Kiki. Something has led you to my little space of the web, and I am grateful to have you. This is the part where I introduce myself and share some goodies.


Well, for one, I love art. I went to Oklahoma State University to get my degree in Graphic Design. I have to say it was even more amazing than I thought. My second love is writing, so I enjoyed dabbling in some creative writing classes too. Traveling…that has become a more recent love. I didn’t travel much when I was a kid; but now that I’m older and making my own way through the world, I travel once or twice per year. And of course, technology. I love me some good tech.

About Snitch Me

Snitch Me came about when I realized that I was having so much fun doing everything that I wanted to share it. Since writing is my second passion: here enters Snitch Me. So, what am I going to write about? All of it. Every passion I have will find its own little space right here, and I’m rather excited to share.

My Fur Babies

And I have to share about my cats. I love my cats. They are my babies. The white is Luna and the black is Boots. Where did I find them, you ask? Well, I went to the pound one day to bring a little one home–keyword being “one”–but I found these two in the same space. They were laying, curled around each other, and I knew then they were both coming home with me. Here’s just a few of my favorite pics of my fur babies.

Other than that, take a look around. See if you find something you like or find interesting. Also, I’m a big talker–if you didn’t notice–so drop me a line, and let’s chat.